How does my new property assessment affect the market value of my home?

The property tax assessments are out and many people have asked me how it affects the market value of their home.  Assessed value is the tax value.  The market value is actually different than the assessed value!  The current market value of a home is the estimated price that a home will sell for in the market that is for sale in.  Tax assessors are not required to adjust the assessed value to align with the current market value. This means that you will need the expertise of a professional realtor to get an accurate picture of the real value of your home to prospective buyers.
In the month of January alone, I have been involved with about a dozen home market evaluations and have found that the actual property assessment amount has been a positive complimentary amount for sellers in our community.  To arrange a free, no obligation home evaluation, you can reach me at 250-826-5660.