We recently were transferred for work from Prince George and Petrina was recommended from our realtor that sold our house.  We had vacationed in Kelowna but had never really looked into living in Kelowna.  We conversed via email quite a bit with Petrina on what we were looking for in a purchase, price, she also asked questions to get a feel for the type of clients we were. We arrived in Kelowna nervous as the last time we purchased our home in Prince George was 25 years ago.  Petrina met up with us and had a list of bookings we were going to look at that day and we were hoping over the course of the weekend we would find something before heading home (no pressure).  She gave us the pros and cons of the areas as well as a feel for travel time to and from work and quality of time, which in the end was advice we took and are very grateful for that now living in our new home. We looked at many, many, many places and Petrina was very patient with us.

We really liked one that we had looked at about half way through the day and Petrina said lets go have a second look so indeed we did.  We decided to put an offer in.  She personally went to the house with the sellers realtor to let them know about us and to present the offer to them.  We went for dinner on pins and needles.  After many phone calls back and forth during dinner they accepted our offer.  She came to the restaurant to meet up with us and congratulate us even after spending a tiring day and long evening with us. We took her advice to heart on all the listings we looked at and love our new home which is 10 minutes from work giving us more beach time.

We feel very valued as a customer of hers and we walked away feeling like we had been friends for years.

Thank you so much Petrina, We love our new home and the area for walking our fur babies is fantastic. Your very friendly, personable, bubbly personality was a wonderful first impression of the people of Kelowna.

Sheri and Warren