We decided to sell our house and move to Merritt because most of Randy’s family lives in Abbotsford and we found that travelling back and forth between there and Lake Country, especially during the winter months, can be a bit of a heart stopping experience!!  Also, living in Merritt means we are only 2 hours away from the family and can easily drive there for the day.  We hired Petrina because I had seen a lot of her “For Sale Signs” and then very quickly “Sold” signs in the area.  When we contacted her to give us an evaluation on the sale of our house, her enthusiasm, positive remarks and professionalism made up our minds that we had picked the right realtor.  Both myself and Randy had not had great experiences in the past real estate sales we had gone through and Petrina just made it sound so positive and easy.  Petrina told us that she would be able to sell our house in 3-5 days – well, since our last experience had been so negative we really didn’t believe that would happen.  Well it did – 3 days and it was sold, plus the bonus was that it sold for more than we were asking for it!!!  Couldn’t believe it, but boy were we happy!!! We would be happy to recommend Petrina as a realtor to whoever asked.